Obstruction Junction–What’s Your Function?

by Ryan on November 26, 2006

in Politics

John Dingle has promised to investigate as much as he possibly can on issues related to energy this coming in January.  Halliburton and Cheney are the specific targets.  I feel that the Dems have to play to their Liberal base– it plainly funded them to victory three weeks ago.  Now, it’s pay back time!

How many old infrastructure companies are there in the United States that can handle rebuilding on the scale of, say, the country of Iraq?  Think about it…  Ah ha!  One.  Halliburton. The other company of that scale as of 2004 is ostensibly owned by the Bin Ladin family.  Of course, asking only oil and energy companies to have a meeting about, say, “energy” is also a reason to investigate in Obstructionland.

The Dingle article epitomizes what many have feared about a Democrat Congress; endless investigations just to placate their extreme fringe at the expense of our government functioning smoothly during a time of war.  That is not to say one cannot investigate wrong-doings, but the Dems are not picky here.  If it’s Bush, Cheney, or anyone with an “R” after their name, then they’re a target.

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