by Sal on November 28, 2006

in Politics

A few days ago, I reported on a story where the New York Times was requesting intervention from the SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) for subpoenas regarding classified leaks.  Well, today as reported by Michelle Malkin, in a one-sentence non-dissenting ruling, the court refused to grant a stay.  Now, the Times will be forced to reveal phone records that could show who in the government leaked classified information.  It is nice to see the NY Times Smacked-down!

While not precedent-setting, this could be the beginning of a trend that will allow prosecutors to seriously go after those who seek to thwart the government in the war on terror by leaking to the press.  The press does not and should not serve an essential “whistleblower” role when it comes to classified data.  There are channels to deal with potential abuses, such as the FISA court, the intelligence committees in the Legislative Branch, etc., but the media and public has no need to know about what is being done in this war on terror. 

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