Terrorist Suspect in Rhode Island

by Sal on December 11, 2006

in Politics

For those who think that Illegal Immigration does not play into the War on Terror, a story posted by Michelle Malkin outlines a Rhode Island-based illegal immigrant who was involved in attempting to obtain a license to haul hazardous materials.  His behavior showed terrorist-like patterns, such as being more concerned with the hazardous materials than how to drive a tractor trailer (including declining to learn how to back up).  He was arrested and turned over to immigration officials. 

 While not all illegal immigrants are terrorists, and while all terrorists are not illegal immigrants, the current situation of open borders presents an easy way for terrorists to enter this country illegally.  Cases like this one in Smithfield, RI, underscore that fact.  Someone like this Mohammed Yusef Mullawala might not be in the country today if the borders were more secure.  While not the only component of the War on Terror, shoring up the borders is certainly an important one. 

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