West Ham Sacks Alan Pardew

by Mike on December 12, 2006

in Sports

One of my more unusual interests (for an American) is my love of West Ham United. I was first exposed to English football while studying at Notre Dame’s London campus back in the day. Although my interest was very casual at first, I soon found myself searching for a team to support. Looking back, the search was far more intellectual than it should have been. I knew I was looking for a London team, preferably one with tradition. I also knew that I did not want to support a team that wins year in and year out. Over the years I gravitated toward West Ham but never fully committed.

After I moved to New York City, a group of pretty cool Manchester City supporters approached me and made an outstanding pitch to me to follow their squad. I looked into it and was admittedly impressed. In the end however, I followed my heart and committed to West Ham ’til I die.

Today I really feel like a West Ham supporter. The only West Ham manager I ever knew, Alan Pardew, was fired yesterday. This must be the “fortune’s always hiding” part I’ve heard so much about. The men from Upton Park are currently in a disappointing 18th place. Our American readers (just about all of them) are probably thinking, no big deal, it’s a bad season, get over it. The problem is, in the EPL, a team is relegated when they finish in the bottom three. It would be like demoting a struggling Major League Baseball team to AAA. That will not happen though. West Ham has talent. Moreover, West Ham belongs in the top flight.

From my still newbie perspective, I don’t blame Pardew for West Ham’s troubles. The club has been surrounded with distractions all season. There have been significant injuries, new players who have hurt team chemistry, and the takeover. I don’t think West Ham should forget the climb up from the Championship or last year’s amazing FA Cup run. What’s done is done though.  The talent is there and there is a lot of football to be played.  COME ON YOU IRONS!!!!

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