I Need 3CCs of Kittens–Stat!

by Ryan on December 15, 2006

in Culture,Pop Culture,Religion

CC or Copy Cat, the first cloned cat, has recently given birth to three healthy kittens.  Of course, the dad, Smokey, was a more “natural” member of the species.  Two of the kittens look like CC, the other looks like the father.

The A&M scientists are hoping that this does not stir up any controversy.  I find that it’s kind of a neat story, but the specter of human clones creeps in everytime the subject is brought up.  When does science go too far? Let’s say: if scientists can “clone” a few stem cells to mend a torn ear or cleft lip something, then I think that’s OK, but I don’t think I’m ready for ethical ramifications of this:

Link via Drudge.

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