by Mike on December 20, 2006

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Even the game that comes with it is fun!

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Ryan December 27, 2006 at 4:02 pm

I have just played a Nintendo Wii for the first time yesterday and I love it! The Wii and the Game Cube are the same generation of gaming technology, so Nintendo took a calculated, and in my opinion smart, move to release a new system with a jump in playing technology not simply graphics technology. Xbox 360 and PS3 are trying to enhance the gaming experience through better graphics and the online capabilities of what some call “3rd generation” gaming (beyond the Xbox, PS2 and Game Cube technologies and capabilities).

The Wii, on the other hand, takes a leap in HOW you play video games. The “nunchuck” device is connected to a sensor that you put on the top of one’s TV. It mimics your actions very closely and is surprisingly precise the first time you experience it. I’m not a gamer– I don’t have enough time to play the huge role playing games most systems offer nowadays, and the action games tend to be very repetitive shoot-em-up redundant types. What the Wii does differently is that it makes playing a video game an active physical process. You’re not going to get fat on the couch playing Wii boxing, baseball, bowling, etc.

Essentially, the Wii has rekindled my faith that video games can evolve beyond just cooler graphics. The Wii is just as sophisticated as the Game Cube in that department, but it is such an active gaming process that video game fun can now offer a mini cardio workout if played long and intensely enough. I kid you not! So, get off your gaming butt, buy this system, and start swinging the nunchucks! By the way, Zelda looks f****n’ awesome!


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