Tick tock…

by Ryan on December 28, 2006

in Politics

Saddam is slated to be executed by Sunday, before 2007 and before the beginning of the Eid holiday (though it seems to me that Muslims have very many widely observed holidays). I personally think that Saddam should die– it’s the least the Iraqi Government can do for the decades of brutal repression and current violence done on Saddam’s behalf or in his name. Ending him may not end all of the violence, but the “dead-enders” may finally get the point.

Yet, before he gets his day to swing at the gallows, Saddam tried some last-minute legacy-building. You know, the kinds of things bad leaders try to do on their way out of office or power as a final, last-ditch effort to salvage something positive or redeeming out of their tenure for history to judge positively. Nice try Saddam, but you can’t talk to ANYONE about forgiveness until you seek it yourself.

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