“Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”

by Ryan on December 30, 2006

in Politics

It’s funny. Saddam was a murderous dictator that sought and had WMD’s (to certain degrees of course), who used them, who invaded two of his neighbors (Iran and Kuwait), who supported terrorism against Israelis, and who tried to kill Bush 41, etc. I feel delighted that this man was executed for crimes against humanity, tried by an Iraqi court, with Iraqi punishments, with international standards of jurisprudence, under a government voted on by the Iraqi people in 3 successful elections.

However, in watching today’s coverage there are three main reactions I noticed:

1. He’s dead. Whoopie!!! (I’m in this camp)

2. Death penalties are for criminals themselves! (The Vatican is supposed to say this stuff)

3. He’s dead, but it won’t do anything! (The MSM’s favorite line of the day.) As if all our efforts to this point are meaningless, all the arm-chair generals and nyah, nyah nay-sayers are thumping their chests saying that this won’t matter. I believe it does matter. It never would have happened without the USA and the Iraqis eventually stepping up to do the right thing. It was a progression of events over the last 5 years (or 27 years for that matter) that led us to this point. It shows substantive and meaningful progess and, I believe, success for all our sacrifices. The violence may increase or decrease, but let’s observe for the moment this event, this day, for what it really is– a step in the right direction for Iraq, America and the World.

Fox News photo.

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Chris December 30, 2006 at 3:06 pm

I’m definitely in your camp on observing those three reactions. The MSM’s reaction does not surprise me…remember after the votes occurred they were running around creating all this paranoia, “the violence is going to rise, oh no!” And was there mass death, NO. The MSM, as usual, was wrong. They have continually tried to talk down the accomplishments of our brave young men and women serving with valor and honor over in “The Sandbox” and show by their actions that they are clamoring for an American defeat.

There may have been some paranoia leading up to his death and that, understandably, was among the Iraqis wondering if this monster would ever get the chance to return to power and commit reprisal among reprisal. Some had examined recent history and there were those that wondered if America would see it through. The events of November 2006 further put this into persective for Iraqis praying for the Baathists to never return to power. At last, the monster is dead, and they can truly start anew and not have to live in fear. Better days for Iraq will come soon.


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