The “White” Stuff

by Ryan on January 3, 2007

in Politics

I hate to be the self-appointed AOR Barack (or Barak, I can’t seem to find consistency on that one) basher, but here he is, taking the first steps into being a true potential Democratic Presidential nominee in 2008– he used cocaine and referred to himself as a “junkie” and a “pothead” when referring to his angst-ridden past.

Think like a Democrat now… This makes him flawed. This means he’s had personal trials and tribulations that he’s had to overcome in heroic fashion. This means he can be loved by all the flawed Democrats who brushed off the “I didn’t inhale” smack back in the day (yet ripped Dubya for mere unsubstantiated rumors about coke use 20 years ago). He’s already a “victim” because of his racial struggles so all his past can be ignored. I don’t mind the precedent of just looking at voting records and achievements (being a Newt fan, myself) but honestly, if he were a Republican, he’d be macaca right about now.

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Chris January 3, 2007 at 9:17 pm

The MSM is going Obama crazy right now and observing this train wreck (to us, but not to the media…his ‘double flaw’ gives him more ‘creds’ in their mind) is almost as fun as watching Trump go after Rosie O’Donnell. I think he is an emptier suit that Edwards and although he tries to sound like a moderate, he is as liberal as they come. He’s had a very short Senate career and I do not think he’ll evolve the way Reagan did. At least Breck Girl has a full Senate term under his belt (one which he would have lost badly had he pulled a Lieberman in 2004), as well as his bogus ambulance-chasing career.

While I have no proof and I don’t usually like to speculate, I would not be surprised if this whole Obama using the powder thing is Clinton-orchestrated. She sees the Time article, she sees the adoring coverage of the media, so she figures to call a Clintonista to leak this news and strike while the iron’s hot…take him out early so her ascension won’t be threatened. It won’t be the first time a Democrat throws an African American under the bus. It’s happened pretty recently not only to Republicans but to Democrats: William Jefferson’s D-LA seat on the approprations committee (and rightly so), Alcee Hastings lost his judiciary chairmanship (also rightly so), the late Maynard Ferguson losing the DNC Chairmanshop to McAuliffe (Clinton supporter) Kweisi Infumne in the MD Senate primary and Carl McCall in his 2002 NY Gubernatorial run, to name a few. This is a very familiar pattern.

Like a bad thunderstorm this shall pass and Obama (or as stated by Rush, “Odumbo”) will sit in his lifetime Senate seat as long as “Sheets.”


Mike January 3, 2007 at 9:31 pm

Many happenings in the Democrat party will have the witch’s fingerprints all over them; however, I don’t think that’s the case here. In a Democrat primary, snorting coke not only gives a candidate the “overcoming hardship” wing of the party, but also the “drugs are cool” wing of the party. Although I think this story will help Obama, it won’t be enough to frighten She Who Must Not Be Named.


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