Opposition 101

by Mike on January 5, 2007

in Politics

It’s understandable if you’re a conservative who can’t figure out how to react to the election of a Democrat Speaker. After all, the last time it happened, Kurt Cobain was alive, O.J. Simpson was that friendly football announcer on NBC, Will Ferrell hadn’t set foot on the set of SNL, and Interleague play was still four years away. Luckily, Ace of Spades found The Little Leftwing Book of Civil Political Discourse, which should tell us how it’s done.

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Chris January 5, 2007 at 6:34 pm

The MSM coverage of the start of the circus has made me absolutely sick. They have been making it into this whole coronation and the ‘about face’ is apparent and disgraceful. Nothing will get done in Congress and the “Godfather mentality” will be the norm among the Democrats (e.g. I did you a favor and you owe me). The idealism of the Blue Dog Dems will be tossed out the door, as stated by Rush today.

On another note, and along with the topic of the feminization of America that Rush was talking about today, an article by John Leo about ways women are trying to get men to ‘their levels.’ I don’t know whether to laugh at their stupidity or to shake my head in disgust.


Ryan January 5, 2007 at 8:04 pm

The Ace of Spades link was hilarious and basically said everything! I watched the coronation yesterday and laughed audibly when the first freakin’ thing they did was to have MY representative, Rush Holt, be the Dem’s own biz-nitch and openly insult the democratic process in Florida regarding the now certified results of what was the last disputed election. “Boo’s” and “c’mon’s” rose up from the Republican ranks. So, a fiesty young red-haired Republican (whose name escapes me) got up immediately after Holt’s nonsense and kindly asked the High Speakerness to acknowledge that the elction was, in fact, over and that the Secretary of State did, in fact, officially certify the results after the recount process had taken its course. She acknowledged affirmatively. Grandstanding not ONE MINUTE into being the majority!!! It’s gonna be a fun ride!


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