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by Mike on January 9, 2007

in Politics

Earlier today, Rush Limbaugh suggested that future Presidents must include plans for dealing with a hostile media in an overall war strategy. Unfortunately, Rush is right.

The fact the war happens after a nation goes to war is not evidence of defeat. The setbacks we have suffered in Iraq is evidence of the tragic nature of war. Like every war, the Iraq war has seen its share of tragedies, specifically, 3,003 of them. That figure does not even take into account the thousands of wounded American soldiers, coalition soldiers and innocent civilians. These tragedies are real. These tragedies must be reported. These tragedies must be considered before a country decides to go to war.

Like the tragedies of war, successes in warfare must also be reported. It is now clear that the MSM will do no such thing when a Republican resides in the White House. Fortunately, people like Bill Crawford of National Review occasionally remind his readers that our troops have accomplished some good in Iraq. (Hat tip: Michael Graham).

Although people like Crawford and Graham do an excellent job of reporting both the successes and failures in Iraq, it is ultimately the President’s responsibility to trumpet our successes and challenge the carping critics. In this area, President Bush has failed. Holding a press conference every couple of months isn’t good enough.

Bush’s mistake leads me to believe that it might not be a bad thing to elect a media whore as Commander in Chief in 2008.

UPDATE: If only the President had a speechwriter from Redstate.

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