Is “Symbolic” Defeat Still Defeat?

by Ryan on January 10, 2007

in Politics

According to the Slimes, Senate Dems are prepared for “symbolic votes” against ANY Bush proposal on Iraq that requires anything short of a Congressional permission slip to lose. “Symbolic” is Slimes subterfuge for “they really want to vote against the troops and the military anyway, but by telling us it’s just symbolic we’ll back the Republicans into a corner while we still pretend to support the troops ‘symbolically.’” Nice try MSM, but it’s pretty obvious what they’re doing.

Last November was about ending Iraq, not losing it. The American people wanted a break in the seeming stalemate that has existed over there since Zarqawi met his virgins. The Dems knee-jerk reaction is to attempt the Cape Cod Orca‘s blatant usurpation of executive power through meaningless and potentially dangerous Congressional oversight, and to govern like the same ol’ libs (if only their entire tenure was 100 hours long). I hope the President sets a clear, goal-oriented agenda tonight in his much anticipated and probably most critical Iraq War speech to date.

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