Romney Has a Problem

by Mike on January 10, 2007

in Politics

I would definitely support Mitt Romney in the 2008 primary if I based my vote solely on what the candidates are saying right now. Romney is the only candidate whose words indicate a commitment to limited government, low taxes, protecting the unborn, and a strong foreign policy. He is also one of the only candidates to come across as optimistic and articulate. However, every candidate has a past and it seems that Romney has more explaining to do than most of his rivals.

This video from New York’s best newspaper does a great job of illustrating Romney’s problem.

Link via Jonah Goldberg at The Corner

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Chris January 10, 2007 at 5:48 pm

I would look at this video in 2 ways:

1) Romney has ‘evolved’ over time and his stance on certain issues have changed, in the fashion of Reagan.

2) While there has been an ‘evolution,’ in beliefs, it has been over a much shorter time than Reagan and questions should be asked.

He does need to give Republican voters and explanation and hopefully, his explanation will be above satisfactory and clear up any loose ends for Republcans looking for the more conservative candidate so they are not burned again.


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