Kudos to the Colts

by Ryan on January 13, 2007

in Sports

Indy just upset Baltimore 15-6 in a great defensive playoff battle. Vinatieri tied a playoff record with 5 field goals, the Ravens had 4 turnovers and the Colt defense looked great two consecutive weeks.

I didn’t think the Colts would put it together and win on the road against the #1 defense in the league with a week to relax and scheme. Yet, they did just that. I hope my other picks pan out! Truth be told, if the Pats pull off the major upset tomorrow, then I’d rather be playing in Indy where Brady has a great record than Baltimore, which can get down right ugly (apparently unless you’re this year’s Colts).

UPDATE:  The New Orleans Saints have just defeated the Eagles 27-24 in the Big Easy.  Much more offense than the Colts game and just as entertaining.  The Eagles’ defense just seemed tired in the second half and the Saints took advantage of nearly every opportunity.  This’ll be the Saints first ever journey to the NFC championship game.  It’s hard to root against this team nowadays.  It wasn’t hard to root against the Eagles though.

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Chris January 14, 2007 at 1:34 pm

As a Giants fan, I’m very happy about both games. If the Saints and Colts both get to the Super Bowl, Archie could be pretty conflicted.


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