Jack Bauer Can Handle It

by Ryan on January 19, 2007

in Culture

CAIR (Council of American-Islamic Relations) is after the hit Fox TV series “24″ after the first few episodes show what might happen if Muslim extremists got hold of a nuclear weapon and got it here to America– they’d use it!  So, even in real life Jack Bauer is still being chased by Muslims bent on destroying him.  Did you pick up on that?  Real Life.  “24″ is not, but it is a damned good show that strikes a chord with many people in these times.   Where were all the groups picking on the show’s depiction of the Chinese or Russian bad-guys in the last few seasons?

I know CAIR thinks it’s their job to make a stink about this stuff, but instead of throwing insults and potential lawsuits, why not use the show as a starting point for a dialogue about how moderate Islam is NOT reflected in the show’s bad-guys?  Why not use this opportunity to talk about why the fear of Muslim extremists bothers so many Americans and what we can all to to assuage those fears?  Rather, they throw barbs and lawyers at a very popular show.  I think CAIR’s is the wrong approach, especially if they successfully lobby Fox to ultimately cancel/severely edit the show next season.  Until then, I can’t wait until next Monday at 9pm!  Also, it’s still not too late to get caught up with the show either!

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