Oh Boy… or Girl?

by Ryan on January 29, 2007

in Culture

By now I’m sure you’ve heard of the girl trapped in a boy’s body who needed to be liberated, convinced his/her parents so, and finally got the operation done. So a twelve year old boy is, after all the fuss, a 14 year old girl. Wow. I’m not sure where I even want to begin with this one, or even if I should have addressed this issue in the first place.

However, the shock value has struck me. The kid has issues, for which he/she cannot be totally blamed for. The parents have one issue resolved and another with which to contend. Though the he/she is German, I still think our Western culture has issues, like a general oversexualization of kids. Remember when kids were kids… like back in the 80s when we worried about manhunt, poison ivy, and talking to that girl who you didn’t want ANYONE to know that you had a crush on! I sound like one of those old guys who gets mad at the news, occasionally throwing things, but I’m not even thirty! Am I getting old or are things getting weirder out there.

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rightonoz January 29, 2007 at 8:12 pm

Ryan, it is getting weird.

Putting on my ‘caring’ hat I guess I would support the right of an adult to make that decision weird as it seems to me, but a 12 year old beggars belief. He/she may have been right, but at that age so many children are confused about sexuality, especially now that it seems to be trendy for stars (well mainly female stars) to be bisexual and homosexual.

I have a very close and frank relationship with my children (all 6)and over the Christmas break we were all together and the subject of one of the current female stars down here came up. One of my daughters who works in television said that it was common knowledge that the star was bisexual. Another (26 year old) daughter admitted that in her late teens the peer pressure was all about exploring bisexuality. She admitted to a kiss (and said that women are much more sensual kissers) but that she knew that her interest was firmly towards men. I would never criticize my daughter for what happened, but it does to my mind indicate weird changes in society.

When I was that age the only decisions for guys were those of saving oneself, having sex with girl/s you ‘loved’ or trying to be a ‘stud’. For girls the decisions were the same, however instead of being revered as a stud, those with many partners were considered sluts, or in our language ‘the town bike’- everyone who wanted had a ride(Yes, I’m a little older than you)

Just on another subject that comes up frequently in your posts over left wing bias in the media. From what I have seen of the university courses in journalism down here (I’m assuming the US is not too far different) the leaning from many of the lecturers is VERY left and the producers etc that new journalists have to work with and keep happy is extremely left. It is a very brave student who shows any right wing leaning in that time of their career. My daughter in TV referred to above and I have many discussions with me spending most of my time trying to explain the bias and offer what I see as a more balanced view on many subjects. Luckily we love and respect each other and can accept that we hold very differing views and keep it all on a non confrontational level. It is a good day when she says that she can see what I’m getting at and they seem to be getting more frequent.


Ryan January 30, 2007 at 2:56 pm

Good… it’s not just me!

“Town bike”, huh? That’s hilarious!

On the issue of colleges, however, my alma mater just had pictures of their holiday party, only that it wasn’t a holiday party… No, not Christmas (yikes) or Hannukah (meh) or even Kwanzaa (huh?). It wasn’t even a holiday party in the strictest sense. It was a “Winter Gala”. I guess the solstice doesn’t offend anyone as much as Christmas does.


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