Morris Speaks

by Ryan on February 1, 2007

in Politics

Dick Morris knows the Clinton’s better than anyone willing to speak freely.  His political predictions are suspect since he’s simply a poll guy– making him wrong in 2002, 2004 and somewhat off in 2006.  Yet, he believes that She Who Must Not Be Named will win in 2008 because of a poor Republican field and a lack of message.

I agree that this future is completely realistic for those very reasons.  Yet, he asserts that her presidency will be the worst ever and give the Republicans dibs on Congress in 2010 and the presidency in 2012.  But then he says the Republican Party will die out after that because of the Hispanic vote.  Jeez , Dick, you had me most of the way, but eventually drifted off the reservation on this one.

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Chris February 1, 2007 at 6:12 pm

Dick Morris sometimes can call it, but he is way off on that last one…and that has been his belief since at least 2000.

True, her thighness does have a very good chance of winning especially with the Republicans unwillingness to commit to a return to conservative values. True, as well, that 2010 and 2012 will be Republican victories no matter how much she and the Dems try to shut down/out the opposition. And true that her administration will be a train wreck waiting to happen.

On the last issue, the Republicans will not fully lose the Hispanic vote, as Morris believes, for these reasons:

1) The social conservatism of the Republicans is similar to what most Roman Catholics believe…the majority of Hispanics are Catholic and if they remain with their church, they will remain with the Republican Party. To further cement this relationship, some priests (as the one in my church has done) need to remind their parishners about the closeness in beliefs of Republicans to Roman Catholics. Also, Republicans must openly court Catholics as the Democrats do to African-American Baptists. Remember, Roman Catholics voting for Republicans has gone up in recent years.

2) Republicans need to re-focus the premace of the debate on illegal immigration and the border. It needs to be stated with the primary objective of not keeping illegal immigrants out, but instead, keeping America safe. This will disarm the Democrats from accusing the Republicans of using the term ‘illegal immigration’ as a code for racism. It will also show a continued commitment to American national security, an area where, let’s face it, the Democrats have waivered, exposing their weakness. We need to cite the border laws and immigration policies of other countries (e.g. Israel and Mexico) and how their stringent laws (more stringent than our’s) have kept their respective countries safe. Let’s face it, if a terrorist makes his way over the border with a WMD and uses it, politicians in power will face holy hell from their consituents due to an inability to control the border. Once the border issue is taken care of, a fair immigration policy can be determined.

Republicans and Republicanism will not fade away and will only become more relevant as this world become a more dangerous place….especially with an administration led by her thighness.


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