The Colt’s Coronation

by Ryan on February 5, 2007

in Sports

Last night, Super Bowl XLI witnessed the Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears 29-17 in the wettest Super Bowl ever!  I had a feeling that the rain might be a factor being that Indy is a dome team.  I still gave them the edge in my mind, but the wetness and the opening kick-off returned for a Chicago touchdown did not bode well.  The game was close until the fourth quarter, though the Bears really did not look like the better team through most of the game.  I had a few bucks on numbers not teams, so while I wanted the Colts to win, I was OK with any team that could give me my numbers.  None did.  This is why I generally don’t gamble.

A huge surprise to me was Tony Dungy’s remarks after the game.  He has had some recent drama in the last few years (his son’s suicide and his parent’s failing health).  When Jim Nantz gave him the mic last night, holding the trophy he unabashedly thanked God numerous times and in numerous ways.  He was sincere and truly proud for his team, his effort and Lovie Smith, his friend and Bears coach.  Manning’s MVP title was a fitting tribute to his career at this point, finally moving him away from comparisons to Dan Marino– a great player who never won the Great Game.  Truly a class act in a class organization.

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rightonoz February 5, 2007 at 5:54 pm

Hi Ryan,

Quite a production that game..

As an ex Rugby Union rep player, (when I went to school in NZ every boy capable of walking HAD to play rugby in sport), I have to say I struggle to find huge enjoyment in a game that lasts almost half a day for 20 minutes more or less of actual play action.

Rugby union, no helmets, no padding when I played, though a little around the ankles now. No whole substitute teams. When I played the only way you could be substituted was to be injured so badly as to not be able continue playing- and the ref decided if that was so, max of 2 subs. Ok now they have 4 or five discretionary substitutions during 80 minutes of full on action with a 15 minute break in the middle.

I used to play a position called Break Away,now called Flanker which meant my job was to be on the side of a scrum and if the oppositng team won the ball, to sack the first person on the other team to receive the ball from the scrum. I was very fast over 25 yards and good at it, but at 112lb when the other 15 forwards some weighing twice as much arrived to ‘ruck’the ball out with their boots, copped a regular pounding. Numerous concussions, broken ankles, fingers, hospital stays etc saw me forced to give the game away.) Still learned how to ‘make pain my friend’ which was invaluable during later life.

If you get the chance, watch a Rugby Union game (I think Fox Sport shows some in the US) – 1 ref and two touch judges (sideline refs) trying to control 30 players bent on trying to score tries and beat the crap out of each other. Not to be confused with Rugby League – A game for thugs who can’t make it in Union.

Had to chuckle at the endless fumbles of the ball in the Superbowl. Obviously not that much time spent on wet ball handling. As Rugby is played in countries that seem to get lots of rain during the rugby season, wet ball handling is one of the essential skills. I know your football teams poach some of our best goal kickers, better poach some wet ball specialists…

Having said all that, you guys really know how to make a production of a sports event. Had to admit it was a slick, superbly presented event, even if Billy hit a few bum notes.


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