by Ryan on February 6, 2007

in Politics

The House Dems are going to vote next week on a non-binding resolution condemning the war and Bush’s plan to try to win it.  What is the purpose of this?  The Dems have made a larger stink about voting on things that don’t mean anything than they did about minimum wage!

It’s symbolic, they say, but who’s directly impacted?

  • If they don’t defund the military campaign it’s just wasted time and our soldier’s get a mixed message.
  • If they do act on it, and no troop surge takes place, the existing troops in country have more stress put on them.
  • Also, if they do defund the surge, our soldier’s are militarily abandoned by their Congress.
  • Having this conversation at all (leaving, not winning) is being heard by all Americans, including the soldiers, and non-Americans, even those who wish us ill.

How can anyone truly take the Dems seriously on national security if they can’t make up their minds to actually act on resolutions that they feel the people elected them to make? What if a REAL, true crisis rears its ugly head tomorrow?  Who are you going to trust?  The people who at least tried to get the fight right, or those who fought against fighting our enemies and even toyed with the ideas of defunding our troops during war.  I can’t see where the Dems think this conversation is in their future best interest.

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Nurse Duncan February 7, 2007 at 7:09 pm

I agree that not funding the troops in the Middle East or not sending more troops to Iraq sends mixed signals to the troops. If I was a soldier, I would want reinforcements. Strength in numbers, it’s that simple. The Dems say “support our troops but not the war” yet they aren’t supporting our troops by trying not to send more troops and not funding the troops. Ironic? They are truly going to shoot themselves in the foot as evidenced by Hilary Clinton changing her position on the war to mainstream media. We have an enemy abroad and a political/domestic enemy at home. President Bush has a war on two fronts. I’m doing my part at home to fully inform my fellow countrymen to the ridiculousness of the Democratic Party’s viewpoints. United we stand, divided we fall. Strength in numbers. Support out troops.


Ryan February 8, 2007 at 4:57 pm

True dat Nurse Duncan! The contrast is getting more and more clear as time goes by, but how will the MSM obstruct things now that She Who Must Not Be Named in is the picture? Probably a lot!


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