Progress on the Abortion Issue

by Mike on February 9, 2007

in Politics

Pardon My English has linked to a story regarding a Texas criminal who has been sentenced to death for murdering his girlfriend and their unborn child. PME points out that 36 states now include the unborn in their definition of the word “person.” It is clear the unborn are slowly gaining more protection.

The significance of these laws cannot be understated. Increasing legal recognition of the unborn as human beings is in conformity with the heightened awareness of the reality uncovered by modern science. Technological advances like sonograms and pre-natal surgery have eliminated any doubt that the organism inside the womb is a human life.  Fortunately, the law is catching up with science.

Unfortunately, with a closely-divided Supreme Court “balanced” by Justice Kennedy, these kinds of laws are in a precarious position. The election of She Who Must Not Be Named or some other like-minded Democrat would likely lead to the replacement of aging Justices Stevens and Ginsberg with liberals as obnoxious as Breyer and as young as Roberts. One “voting bloc” on the court could be solidified as a direct result of the next Presidential election. For this reason, it is crucial to elect a Republican next time around, preferably one committed to the Constitution.

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Noonan February 9, 2007 at 9:36 pm

Excellent points, and it is always encouraging to take pause for such positive signs. The importance of getting the next nominee, or even the next couple nominees to the Court, cannot be understated. We’ve got 4 solid Constitutionalist judges among the Court’s 5 youngest. Any thoughts as to who in the primary field are particularly strong for social conservatives’ desire to see more good nominations to the bench? Most of the leaders have me worried.


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