Iran in the Crosshairs

by Ryan on February 10, 2007

in Politics

I like the talk out of the tabloid British press:  America could being airstrikes against Iran by this spring!  Why do I like this?  Because Iran has recently been emboldened by our “there’s NO WAY we’d attack Iran” nonsense lately and has interfered in Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, and flipped off the UN’s IAEA.  Even if we have absolutely NO intent to strike Iran, they should still be left to wonder if we might.  Mutually Assured Destruction kept the peace for decades because we might nuke each other to bits.

All this defeatist attitude in America lately (read: Bush’s ambiguity, the Democrat Congress and their willing accomplices in the MSM) is quite harmful.  Our enemies won’t attack us when we’re at our strongest point.  They’ll hit us, or push us, when they think our guard is down or weakened.  Iran needs to be schooled in international cooperation, or be schooled in the way a MOAB can knock down your china from ten miles away.  Either way, the ayatollah’s need to learn something.

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Chris February 10, 2007 at 11:54 pm

Definitely time for us to dust off our bombers. Iran’s actions have been reprehensible and we need to remind them that their actions in trying to drive Mideast events cannot continue. In addition to your reasons why we need to attack Iran:

1) Doing so will remind other Mideast entities what happens when you threaten America…(see Gaddafi as exhibit A…despite what Brookings believes)

2) It will greatly assist Israel in that their enemies may think twice about threatening her safety, as well as firm up American support for Israel, along with a more firm US-Israel Alliance, something that I do believe was lacking during the Lebanese Incursion of 2006, due to the fact that we did not let them finish the job.

3) It will remind Russia that:
a) They don’t want another Cold War
b) It is not in their best interests to ally with Iran
c) It is in their best interests to ally with the US

An attack on Iran could be the best thing to happen to America in these defeatist times, and could also pay off in two years when it comes time to choose our next president because it will remind Americans who is willing to take the difficult steps to win the War on Terror.


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