Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up?

by Mike on February 13, 2007

in Politics

Mitt Romney’s flip-flopping on the issue of abortion will be his major hurdle to the Republican nomination. Romney himself admits that his position has evolved. Unfortunately for Romney, this press release from the Brownback campaign shows Romney’s history on this issue not as an evolution, or even flip-flopping, but as pandering of the worst kind.

To sum up, the press release takes statements from Romney, in chronological order, which show his position changing from pro-choice as a Massachusetts Senate candidate in 1994, to rejecting the label in 2001 when he was organizing the Olympics in Utah, to pro-choice again when he was running for Governor of Massachusetts in 2002, and back to pro-life again now that he is running in the Republican Presidential primaries.

If Republicans judge their Presidential candidates on what they are saying now, Romney would and should win hands-down. I just have to wonder what Romney will do in the future if he doesn’t think he needs pro-lifers anymore?

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Ryan February 13, 2007 at 3:07 pm

Very true. Though I find myself, with this current crop of candidates, wondering how difficult it would be for me to vote for them during the general. Romney’s better than any Democrat, obviously, but he’s also more stable than McCain and more conservative than Guiliani.


Chris February 13, 2007 at 6:45 pm

While I do like Romney and think he has potential, his flip-flopping is quite worrisome. One can definitely ‘politically evolve’ over time, as the great Ronaldus Magnus did (“The Democrat Party left me”), but this back and fourth is quite disconcerning (choose a side and stick to it)…a very good point about what he may do if he feels he does not need pro-lifers. I think we’re seeing that a lot with the 2nd Bush term in reference to the groups that came out to support him in 2004.

It is very early, but we do not yet have a full-fledged conservative in the primary. One needs to emerge and it is way too late for those already in to ‘evolve’…it would have suited Rudy best if he decided to do so near the end of his mayorality and he would not have been judged as doing the politically expedient thing. Even though I am uncomfortable and disagree with his social positions, I do feel he has been more faithful to the Republican than McCain and others…remember, he used to be a Democrat…just like Reagan.

As I said, it is early and I would like to hear more from Newt and I would also hope that we hear from other great conservatives across the country such as Mark Sanford (SC Gov) before making a decision in whom to support. Another key leadership component to look for; the next true conservative must see his leadership as a movement, the same way that Reagan did, and not just as a person, the way George W. Bush does.


ken February 14, 2007 at 5:35 pm

The REAL Mitt Romney!

SERIOUSLY, if I were to do a “line-up” of all the serious presidential candidates (Obama, Edwards, Hillary (or Billary? – j/k) McCain, Giuliani and Romney) here’s my – near best – objective analysis:

Choice: Romney
Believe it or not, in today’s world of tv/media obsession, “being kind to the camera” is a huge plus! And with the indisputable impact and role of the media in the election outcomes, I’d give the edge to Romney. By the way, if you think looks, are not important, then why all the fuss about the phrase: “looks presidential/looks like a president”?

2. INTELLIGENCE based on educational and academic achievements:
Choice: Romney – I’d dare anyone to challenge this one! (For those who do not know about Romney’s educational background, please check it out, it’s all over the ‘Net.)

Choice: Romney. He has more experience, than any other candidate, both in the private and public sectors, which I must add, is an absolute must for a leader, especially of the US being the leader in democracy and capitalism. He was a CEO of a successful venture capital firm and was governor*. He was also asked to help rescue the 2002 Winter Olympics which was a SUCCESS! ($100 million profit). The national debt/deficit needs to be controlled if not eliminated and Romney has the experience to do that.

Choice: Definitely Romney
Need I say more? Integrity, clean, great family, doesn’t smoke or drink, etc., etc.,

Choice: Romney (sorry Obama, Romney has addressed many more varieties of audiences through his private and public experience ). This is an indispensable skill for a president. By the way, I can’t wait for the debates to begin.

Choice: Romney
Need I list them? – ok, Health care, successful business ventures, balanced budgets, Winter Olympics, etc., etc., Through his accomplishments, he has acquired the necessary experience to be effective as president.

Choice: I’ll give the edge to the Senators
But note also, that Romney through his global business experience and deals, as well as being a smart person himself, Romney can easily outdo the senators in certain areas. He is a great communicator and will be an asset in international negotiations. He also has excellent knowledge and understanding of the world (nations and countries).

Edge: Romney
He headed the 2002 Winter Olympics and was in charge of security, especially a few months after 9-11. Romney was also a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC).

No other candidate had the experience of overseeing a huge security force and undertaking as Romney during the Olympics.

Now, all politics and subjectivity aside, based on the above basic and most essential requirements for leadership, and presidential qualifications, who clearly has the advantage to become an effective president?

MITT ROMNEY! (After all the title: “MR President” already has his initials!)

Again, off all the candidates, Romney has the knowledge, skills, experience and character to become the next president.

*Having been the governor of a liberal/democratic state, Romney will, therefore, be the best and effective president if by 2008 (and beyond), the Democrats still have the majority in both houses. Romney will be effective in such a “hostile” and divided environment – a Democrat dominated one! He would say: “been there, done that” (as it was in Massachusetts). Hence, no other candidate has had such an EXECUTIVE experience as Romney.


Noonan February 16, 2007 at 6:52 pm

An interesting summary, but my vote will go to the candidate who is the best conservative, and that means upholding litmus conservative principles, such as the respect for life. While Romney’s recent statements are encouraging, they do not go far enough to compare to a Pro-Life record of a Brownback. Also, he seems to have recently hedged his Pro-Life conversion saying that while he is now Pro-Life he would not oppose the people of Massachussetts’ right to enact Pro-Choice laws as it is a state issue. While the current legal landscape does not seem to suggest anything better than turning it over to the states, this does not show particular moral courage or leadership for a “pro-life convert” if he can’t oppose Pro-Choice efforts in the state he is governor of. Backbone wanted.


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