Symbolically Smacking Abortion

by Ryan on February 14, 2007

in Culture,Politics

Tennessee is weighing a bill that would require aborted babies to have death certificates for data gathering purposes.  Wow, almost as if they were alive at one point, huh?  If it was never “alive”, then it couldn’t have “died”, or so the logic goes. Bills like this, which are not likely to survive the TN Democrat controlled state senate, continue to show emboldened pro-lifers not taking any guff.  Republicans, in general, can learn a lot from the pro-life attitude on issues of importance to them– keep fighting, push the edges, and get the people in the middle to see that your point fo view is as much a moral issue as a practical one.

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Bruce February 14, 2007 at 11:05 pm

I’m from Aus…In 1991 we had premature baby, a boy in his 22nd week and weighed 530grms(about one lb)though his heart beat was fine prior to delivery, he didn’t make it, but we got to spend time with him and the nurses took some picks for us. He was definately a human being and a little person.
In Aus a baby born beyond 20 weeks and 500grms requires to be regestered, we named him Adam (I have his birth certificate) and I had to arrange his funeral.


Ryan February 15, 2007 at 8:14 am

I’m sorry for your loss. Your poignant story brings home the true power of life, and how even the smallest, most fragile amongst us leave an impact. My mother had two miscarriages, including a stillborn twin of mine. She and my father grieved for those lost lives, though no death certificate was administered for either back in the 1970s, fresh from abortion’s legalization here in the United States. It’s sad how there is such a double standard when it comes to human life.


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