by Ryan on February 17, 2007

in Politics

Hearkening to political times past, this week’s disgusting vote in the House and hopeful gridlock in the Senate really darkens my spirit.  Looking at Harry Reid coil with anger that the 60 votes necessary for cloture were not reached was the true epitome of “comeuppance.”

I believe that the votes were historic: marking a time when Congress doesn’t look to our “can-do” history, but our “can’t do” present. To echo the Administration, the Democrats are politically banking on our defeat, as in they won’t rescind this non-binding nonsense if the troop surge does succeed, will they?  I think not, otherwise why go through this effort instead of jumping on the President’s change of strategy if the surge doesn’t work by summertime.  The American people didn’t elect them to lose the war, but to find a way to change strategy in order to win and come home.  While my spirits are darkened, I find new resolve to defeat these guys next year for overplaying their political hand at the expense of my country and our troops during wartime.

Pic from PBS.org

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