Democrat Doublespeak

by Ryan on February 28, 2007

in Politics

The Dems are at it again: trying to have it both ways.  They can’t withdraw or suspend funds without an embarrassing separation of powers argument from which every one of their candidates for President will run.  It’ll also kill them in the polls.  America doesn’t like the Iraq War based on most polls over the last year, but those same polls indicate that America likes losing even less– some Dems are figuring that one out.  Others, however, are still trying to play games with the troops by demanding things from the Executive Branch that Congress has no right to ask for.

I’ve personally read the Constitution a number of times.   My take is that essentially Congress can:

  1. repeal the 2002 Iraq War Resolution itself,
  2. they can stop funds with their power of the purse,
  3. they can rally public support around an alternative plan, forcing the President to follow their lead, and/or
  4. do nothing.

In my opinion, they could get away with #1 if they frame it right.  They can’t do #2 or face the voters in 2008 with proof that they do NOT support the troops despite their rhetoric.  And #3, the most logical and just, seems only to be a choice of losing or losing faster to a Democrat Party that seems increasingly politically tied to an ugly, messy loss in Iraq.  #4 might just be the ultimate strategy.  Resolving Iraq takes that issue away from them, while framing the debate around it to bash Bush and Republicans falls into their hands looking to 2008.

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