El Mitt Romney

by Ryan on March 6, 2007

in Culture,Politics

Mitt Romney’s releasing some Spanish-language ads in Florida to help his chances with the conservative-voting Cuban community down there. Many conservatives today are upset at Bush because of his weak stance on illegal immigration. While the Cubans in Florida are quite legal, this move can be viewed as cow-towing to the Hispanic vote at a time when many are getting testy with other Spanish-speaking folks who are in this country illegally. In the end I think it’ll help. The fact that GWB can speak Spanish prompted Algore and John F’in Kerry to try to speak Spanish on the campaign trail, making them look silly while prompting a significant number of Hispanics to vote for Dubya. These moves could work for Mitt in allaying the fears of Catholic voters– he’s out in forefront taking it to the folks.

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