Changing the House of Lords

by Ryan on March 8, 2007

in Politics

The British House of Commons has pushed through a measure looking for 100% of the upper, hereditary/cronyistic House of Lords to be an elected body.  The House of Lords was formed in the 14th century and was once more powerful than the House of Commons. Only in the last century has it lost nearly all of its power.  It also acts as a kind of Supreme Court over there in Britain, but recently that has been stripped (though the law has not been enforced).

Britain with a bicameral legislature like America?   There are some unique problems that the BBC article brings up about this:  the Lords are likely to vote it down, if they voted for it a host of issues arise about representation and powers, and the throwing away of such tradition and history is likely to bother some.  I think it’s a neat idea to be throwing around.  If the Lords are to have real stature in the 21st century, then they’ll have to earn it by being elected by the people.  In my opinion it’s one thing to hold on to a symbol like the Queen, but another to hold onto an entire political body appointed by heredity or political connections.

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