Watching the War

by Ryan on March 15, 2007

in Politics

She Who Must Not Be Named has crossed into new territory today.  In a New York Slimes interview (reported by Fox News by the way) she indicates that she would actually leave some US troops in Iraq if elected President (wow), but only to have a presence there… a presence to watch Iran, to watch the Kurds, and above all to watch the ethnic cleansing that will take place upon her ascension to the political throne.

To me that position being taken by a major candidate is actually sickening!  At least the cut-and-run strategy doesn’t pretend to on one hand care about the Iraqis and the region, and on the other hand watch them kill each other while having the opportunity to help!  Watching ethnic cleansing!  The cut-and-runners would rather watch the horrors from home, but SWMNBN would rather still be there watching the ensuing violence.

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