San Fran Nan’s Dance

by Ryan on April 4, 2007

in Politics

Despite the Administration’s requests and a dose of common sense, San Fran Nan met today with the leaders of Syria, an increasingly isolated state sponsor of terror whose friends include Hamas, Hezbollah, and many insurgents in Iraq.  Meeting with the enemy is nothing new to Democrats. By conducting her own personal foreign policy with aggressors in the face of her own country’s interests, Pelosi joins the ranks of other Democrats who sided with Communists back in the day.  Rush dug this piece up on his show yesterday regarding the Democrat’s cozy relationship with the Sandanistas while Reagan was trying to defeat them and other communist sympathizers back in the 1980s.  The Dems were embarassed then too as appeasement never does seem to work for long, especially when you put yourself in a position where your enemy gets more of your respect than your President. 

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