Iran did What?

by Ryan on April 6, 2007

in Politics

Well, I’m not surprised and I don’t think anyone else is either that everything that the British hostages said and did was under duress.  In their debriefing we’ve learned a number of things about their ordeal including:  the Brits were well into Iraqi waters when they were taken, they were pressured to act and behave the way they did on TV, the Iranians played demeaning mind-games with them, etc.

So, what now?  Exactly! Nothing!  Britain should be screaming in front of the United Nations demanding tougher sanctions, threatening military action the next time Iran even looks at them funny, and payment for the bereavement of the soldier’s families.  But, you know as well as I, that Britain will do none of these things.  So in the final analysis, Iran won this round by successfully embarrassing the West, getting their nuclear violations off the front page, all while strengthening their hands in the region the next time they want to do something wrong (just wait for Israel/Hezbollah Round 2 this summer and Britain’s anti-Israeli position when it does).

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