Romney Shoots Himself in the Foot

by Mike on April 8, 2007

in Politics

Mike Huckabee is calling out Mitt Romney on his questionable claims that he is a lifelong hunter.  It seems that the Romney campaign recently tried to create the impression that their candidate is a lifelong hunter.  It turns out that he isn’t and the candidate is now backtracking.

This harmless fib wouldn’t be a big deal except that it reinforces the perception that Mitt Romney is a little too slick for his own good.  For years, conservatives have rightly ridiculed liberal politicians for similar whoppers.  Remember when Bill Clinton had vivid memories of church burnings that didn’t happen, or when She Who Must Not Be Named was named after an explorer years before said explorer became famous, or when Al Gore said, well, basically everything that ever flew out of Al Gore’s mouth?

By itself, this kind of white lie by itself probably isn’t a big deal, but if someone is willing to say anything to win your vote, and change his positions depending on which constituency he panders to, it is fair to ask what that person would do if he thinks he needs to pander to the left.  Character still counts.

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