What Will “Bee” Next?

by Ryan on April 15, 2007

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According to a recent article in UK’s Independent, bees might be being harmed by cell phones (called “mobiles” across the pond).  Bees are a critically important part of the ecosystem because they pollinate practically everything they touch, including the crops we need to eat!

Yet, the article does not cite hard evidence, only studies with some coincidences.  This struck me because it seems like cell phones are being increasingly blamed for everything:  from losing brain cells, to low sperm counts, to brain cancer, to repeated stress injuries (for avid texters), and now bees are being harmed.  Cell phones could be the anti-Christ as these scientists warn, or they could be just fine.  It just seems to me that inconclusive cell phone studies are proliferating like mad.  I personally use my earpiece and try to keep the phone at least a foot away from me when I can… just in case!

Pic from Wikimedia.

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