Voici Quelque Farce Francais

by Mike on April 17, 2007

in Politics

How do the Socialists in France play politics when they’re losing in every poll except Reuters? By comparing their opponent to all that is right with the world bien sur!

I suppose it’s fair for the French left to attack their opponent as pro-America and pro-Britain. After all, we American conservatives can dish it out too.  Although we have a very different notion of what constitutes an insult.

H/T PlayPolitical.com

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Ryan April 17, 2007 at 3:09 pm

Just because this guy is not overtly anti-American he is being smeared in such a fashion. French politics is quite bizarre and not very intellectual in this case. The Louvre really needs to look like a casino and the Eiffel Tower really needs a McDonalds, in my opinion. Watch out, American style capitalism and the economic success it produces may be on the way in Francais!


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