Now That’s A Talent

by Mike on April 22, 2007

in Anything Else,Pop Culture

Something tells me this lady would not have been Miss America in today’s age. When Venus Ramey, Miss America 1944, discovered a thief on her property, she shot out the tires on his truck with a .38-caliber to prevent him from escaping justice. Undoubtedly a bold move, some people wondered what would have happened if the criminal had tried to physically harm her? According to Ramey:

“If they’d even dared come close to me, they’d be 6 feet under by now.”

That’s a better answer than the a lot of the other garbage usually heard at today’s pageants. This lady is pretty cool.  She owns a gun, knows how to use it, and clearly isn’t afraid to use it. Don’t expect to see any other criminals on her tobacco farm anytime soon!

Photo: CMT

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