Randy Moss in New England

by Ryan on April 30, 2007

in Sports

The addition of Randy Moss to the Patriots’ roster and Cleveland’s awesome draft weekend dominated the water cooler chat today.  The big question:  will Moss help or hurt the Pats?  I think he’ll be a great addition, and so do some from Fox Sports News.  Moss isn’t the key, Belichick is!  Belichick can make the magic work for nearly anyone.  Remember, Corey Dillon was a punk at Cincinnati and turned into a man caught on film saying “Sir” in a very intimidated voice everytime he addressed his new boss, Bill Belichick.  Moss’ll fit in or he’ll sit down.  It’s not like the Pats couldn’t do it without him.  But it sure would be cool if he did work out– Belichick still has two more fingers without Patriot rings on his hand!

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Chris April 30, 2007 at 11:32 pm

Hearing this news, I am quite surprised Moss is not a Pat…true he was not a fan of Oakland, but I thought he would have a legitimate chance of staying and succeeding now that LaMarcus Russell will be a Raider…I thought once that combo gets going, they’d get that offense the firepower it needs to compete. While they have Russell as the QB of the future, the stock of the Raiders has just fallen in my mind.

Despite the fact that I think Randy Moss has a “Just give me the damn ball” attitude and that Tom Brady has some reservations, I do think that he can work in Foxboro. There is no way Belichick will let him “T.O.” the Pats and Belichick’s coaching style will help Moss achieve his goal: to win.

And this opinion is coming from a Giants/Jets fan.


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