Immigration Crackdown

by Sal on May 1, 2007

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The New York Times ran a story today on how INS is cracking down by increasing the number of deportations by 20% in the last year.  The story is entitled “As Deportation Rises, Illegal Immigrants Dig In” (or, as Mrs. Sal has renamed it “Deportation Numbers up 20%…  sob stories skyrocket”.)   The story focuses on the hardship experienced by the illegals who are deported, as is typical of the Drive-By Media.  I’m actually surprised that the Times used the term “Illegal.”  Must have slipped through the copy editors. 

What is ignored in this article, and never spoken of, however, is the hardship illegal immigration causes on American workers.  Because of Illegal Immigration, working-class wages have become artificially low, and law-abiding citizens are denied jobs that they would otherwise be happy to take, because the low illegal wages given to illegal immigrants drives the wages down across the board (simple law of supply and demand). 

In related news, the pro-illegal immigration movement is holding its annual protest marches across the country today.  It is no accident that May 1 has been chosen as the date for these rallies, as May Day is a holidayof pre-Christian pagan origin that was taken by the Communist movement as a celebration of the socialist concept of labor.  It shows the true agenda of the leaders of the pro-illegal immigration movement, and how we should fight against this movement at all costs. 

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Ryan May 2, 2007 at 3:35 pm

Great ecoonomic points, Sal! I liked the parts about real wage growth between 1890 and 1915 at the end. This kind of bottom-feeding economics does hurt real wage growth.

Also, there’s a little cited action that the Federal Government took in the 1954 that dealt with illegal immigration. During WWII, Mexican migrant workers were allowed to come in and temporarily assist the US during the war due to a lack of laborers on farms in the Southwest and Midwest. They were supposed to go home. Of course, since American rocks so much, they didn’t.

So Ike initiated “Operation Wetback” (a derogatory term) and between 1953-55 the Federal Government deported 2 million illegals from this country back to Mexico. If we wanted to do it today, we could.


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