Could We End Up Liking the French Again?

by Ryan on May 3, 2007

in Europe,Politics

It may just happen!  I have been quietly watching events in France in regards to the Presidential election runoff between UMP Nicolas Sarkozy (sar-ko-zee) and Socialist Segolene Royal (roi-ahl).  Sarkozy, a candidate who was getting smack for actually saying he would shake Bush’s hand if (as President) they ever met, just handily beat the femme-fatal Royal in their latest televized debate.  That’s huge for a “not-anti” Bush French Presidential candidate!  Being center-right and more conservative than Chirac, Sarkozy could initiate a slow rapprochement with the USA!  He’s been leading in the polls since the initial election last month and has not let up his mo-. 

What are the Moonbats to do if Sarkozy wins?  France was becoming the last bastion of overt anti-Americanism in Europe.  Italy has a fragile center government, Germany has their version of a Republican, and now France of all places, could make a turn to the Right! 

Reuters photo.

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