New Jersey Terror Plot Foiled

by Ryan on May 8, 2007

in War on Terror

Fort Dix in Jackson, New Jersey, was going to be the target of Muslim terrorists, according to information from the FBI.  Four Yugoslavs, a Jordanian, and a Turk were the six Islamist Militants that the FBI picked up before the plot could unfold.  These six were intent on defending Islam through “jihad” in America.  The FBI had been infiltrating this independent terror cell for about a year in hopes of foiling any dangerous plans.  The terrorists were caught trying to buy AK-47′s and M-16′s to use in a suicide attack.  While details are still coming out, the attack was allegedly planned to inflict as much damage as possible at Fort Dix by sneaking in and shooting soldiers at the fort before ultimately getting gunned down themselves, “in the name of Allah.”  Score one more for the FBI, which has been doing a bang-up job since the Patriot Act cleared the red tape and the artificial walls!

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