Putin’s Latest Tantrum

by Ryan on May 10, 2007

in Russia

Everyone’s favorite ex-KGB goon Vladimir Putin had a unique take on the USA and NATO at a speech commemorating the 62nd anniversary of the end of World War II on May 8:  America and NATO’s foreign policy is like that of the Third Reich!  Now he didn’t just come out and say that so bluntly, but in a nuanced way he inferred that the US and NATO are the new threat because of our “unipolar” worldview, while he pines over the good ol’ days of Cold War “balance!”  Forget the true threat of international Islamo-fascist terrorism!  At least Bush’s political opponents don’t end up poisoned or dead!  The speech ignored that the Soviet Union was wrong on the whole human-rights and economic reality thing for roughly 70 years.  Of course he would never say that, but knocking the West for being Nazi-like, while Stalin himself had an alliance with Hitler to seize parts of Poland, seems a little two-faced.  We’ve never had a totalitarian government here, Vlad.  Even FDR wouldn’t ally with Hitler (Joe Kennedy, on the other hand, thought fascism had potential)! 

Maybe it’s not really all about that.  Perhaps Putin is throwing small, anti-American/NATO tantrums because he feels his country is too big, and getting too rich from oil to be treated like the Cold War also-ran that they are.  The speech was obviously a part of Putin’s domestic political agenda and a pro-Russian holiday pep rally, but getting along with people is more likely to increase your pull in their affairs, rather than threatening a new Cold War in virtually every major speech you give! 

AP Photo.

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