From Tony Blair to Tony Blair to Tony Blair to Gordon Brown

by Mike on May 11, 2007

in UK Politics

Yesterday, Tony Blair announced what everyone saw coming. He resigned as leader of the Labour party and will leave Downing Street on June 27. Since the Labour leadership contest is expected to be as suspenseful as our Democrat primary, Gordon Brown will shortly be crowned as the new Labour leader at which point he become the new Prime Minister.  The question on everybody’s mind is whether Brown will follow in Tony Blair’s footsteps or charter a new course?

I suppose that depends on which Tony Blair we’re talking about. Are we talking about the Clintonian Tony Blair of 1997 who valued spin over substance? Are we talking about the Reaganesque/Churchillian Tony Blair of 2002 who confronted Saddam Hussein’s Iraq despite opposition from the extremists in his own political party who often resemble the folks doing the Time Warp in Frankenfurter’s castle? Or are we talking about the 2007 Tony Blair who resembled Jimmy Carter during the British sailor kidnapping? Those of us on this side of the Atlantic hope Brown chooses the consistent Tony Blair, the one who valued the special relationship.

For the record, Brown promises a new course. The Tories on the other hand, see Brown as the other end of a pantomime horse. Whatever the case, at least Prime Minister’s Questions will be pretty entertaining.

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