She’s Not Mother Teresa Either

by Mike on May 15, 2007

in Election 2008,Politics

Practicing Catholics are beginning to grow restless about the recent She Who Must Not Named campaign video using images of the candidate with the Blessed Mother Teresa. CNSNews has an excellent piece regarding one Catholic group’s reaction to the video, especially in light of the two women’s divergent views on the issue of abortion. The Curt Jester takes this a step further, comparing Mother Teresa’s harsh words on abortion with the candidate’s position.

It is becoming increasingly clear that She Who Must Not Be Named possess all the audacity of her husband’s campaign with none of the political savvy. At this early stage of the campaign, she has already compared herself to Margaret Thatcher, and now she wants to associate herself with a beatified hero who abhorred one of the centerpieces of her campaign. That takes a lot of nerve.

It is also a bad campaign move because the harder the Democrat tries to draw comparisons with women far greater than herself, the more she draws comparisons with women far greater than herself. That is not a winning formula.

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