The Democrat’s Poll Position

by Ryan on May 15, 2007

in Election 2008,Politics

The latest round of Gallup polls are in and for the first time since the Dems took over, they are less popular than President Bush with a whopping 29% to Bush’s steady 33% approval.  Scott Rasmussen, who’s been consistently polling the President’s job approval rating by taking an average of a three-day rolling poll for over six years, has Bush around 38%.  But, anyway, to those weak-kneed Republicans, this is an opportunity staring right at you to stop the nonsense of being Democrat-light– that worked sooo well in the sixties and seventies, didn’t it?  To the Dems:  You are renowned populist poll-whores, so if you’re suddenly discovering “principle” and continue to obstruct the war funding into the summer, you’ll make our job a lot easier next year!

Pic from Sean Robins’ Blog.

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