Pelosi’s Attempted Power Grab Explained

by Mike on May 17, 2007

in Politics

The story was all over the internet yesterday but no one offered a decent explanation of what Nancy Pelosi was really up to. To their credit, most blogs covering Pelosi’s attempted power grab made it clear that the House Democrats wanted to repeal a rule which has been in place since 1822 to stifle debate in the House in Representatives. What they didn’t adequately explain was the significance of the Motion to Recommit and why Pelosi needed to eliminate it. Well, one blogger now has.

This piece on Betsy’s Page provides an excellent description of the legislative tool the Democrats tried to destroy and the context which explains why now was the time they needed to do it. Basically, Nancy Pelosi tried to write the Democrats’ only effective campaign strategy into the House Rules. That is of course, hiding what they really believe from the American people. Betsy’s take is definitely worth a look.

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