Jimmy Carter and American Allies

by Mike on May 19, 2007

in Politics

For years, liberals went on and on about how George W. Bush is a terrible President because he alienates our allies. In fact, liberal concern over making other countries like us was so dear to them that it became one of the centerpieces of their 2004 campaign. How things have changed. Today Jimmy Carter slammed Tony Blair for his decision to stand with America in the war against Iraq.

These liberals are starting to confuse me. Do they support strong relations with our allies or is it fair game to insult them? That question might be not be fair though because now that I think about it, perhaps Carter has been consistent after all. It’s not that he can’t make up his mind about how to deal with our allies. Maybe he just has a very different notion of who are allies are. I get it now.

Cuban TV photo via CNN

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Chris May 19, 2007 at 6:06 pm

It is very upsetting to me to hear a former US President complain and criticize an ally for supporting America…not exaclty speaking in the best interests of his country…but then again, it’s Carter.

Jimmah has grown over the years to be a characiture of himself. It truly baffles me how those on the left have the temerity to place his presidency on the level of ‘great.’ Whether it be his ‘responsibility grab’ for the Camp David Accords, his inability to control interest rates, inability in curbing energy prices (“Wear a Sweater”), his raising taxes, and worst of all, the act of turning his back on the Shah of Iran and bringing to the forefront a fundamentalist Islamic regime, the worldwide ramifications of which we are still dealing with today; he has consistently shown Americans that he was the worst president of the 20th century (Clinton and LBJ rounding out the terrible three) if not all-time. Liberals have also claimed Carter a champion for human rights, but I ask for whom is Carter exactly supporting human rights? Communists? Despots? Terrorists? Enemies of Israel? As a result of an examination of his policy, politics and writings, all four of these qualify. Carters support and cozying up to Arafat, Castro, Chavez and any tinhorn terrorist dicatator imaginable angers me as an American because as a president and ex-president, he should be putting the interests of Americans, specifically human rights and safety for Americans and those who support America, first. For me to hear liberals claim that Americans sacrificed a great leader when they sent him back to GA in 1980 is laughable.

While I will give him credit for his Habitat for Humanity work, many actions during his ex-presidency have been deplorable. If he wants to consider himself a statesman, frankly he should act like a stateman, stop blaming America first and instead stand up for his country.


Ryan May 19, 2007 at 9:53 pm

Jimmah ruined America’s image oversees in Latin America and the Mideast by being a weak-kneed wuss, told Americans to suffer through the energy crisis rather than be coercive on their own behalf to end it, and stayed tied to antiquated economic models that didn’t work during the Depression but were supposed to work in other economic times.

Each of these three things have been adopted by the anti-American leftists:
1. Being a wuss on foreign affairs is preferable since American power is the source of all evil in their eyes. Read: America’s national self-interest is inherently opposed to their own.
2. We must have less when it comes to the environment– this prevents thinking and innovation, while refusing to give an inch to compromise with “big oil” in the near term. It’s either we immediately live like Elrond or we live in post-industrial sludgeland caused by six board members sitting in a dank office somewhere diabolically controlling the world.
3. They still think socialism can work on a national scale, so the leftists are tied to this notion that the government should control big business to monitor it on our behalf. It never works because stringent regulation does way more harm in the long term to an economic sector. And, socialism’s anti-competition edge is opposed to the very entrepenuerial spirit that runs through America’s soul.

Jimmah represents a time when the leftist’s hidebound point of view had a martyr. Let them raise their own Christ-like visionary to new levels of relevance– there’s no greater poster-child for national failure to those over 30 than Jimmah. Maybe they can introduce their failures to a new generation for us!


Bob May 20, 2007 at 7:10 pm

Jimmy Carter continues to digust Americans and anybody who has the least amount of respect for this country. He has the nerve to blame the Bush administration for going into the war alone. Jimmy, have you ever thought Saudi Arabia had a role in getting us involved in this war? That’s right you are the same ex-president that tossed the muslim threat aside as being insignificant. I think you are the one is who really insignificant.


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