Chavez Silences Speech

by Ryan on May 28, 2007

in Anything Else

Hugo Chavez’s socialist paradise chimed another dong for dictatorship yesterday when at 12 o’clock midnight, the most popular, 53 year old Radio Caracas TV station was taken over by the government.  It’s not so much that they were just anti-government, but allowed dissenting opinions to be aired without retribution.  However, they did have a part to play in rallying anti-Chavez forces the 2002 coup attempt. 

Pro-Chavez folks showed up wearing red and parroting government slogans outside RCTV yesterday.  A different fate met those supporting RCTV.  Water cannons and tear gas met protesters in the streets yesterday as the youth came out against this blatant act of media usurpation.  All employees of RCTV have been fired and will be replaced with new government apparatchiks and stooges.  We are watching totalitarianism arise piece by piece right before our eyes!  And some call Dubya a fascist?

AFP photo. 

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