by Ryan on June 17, 2007

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Happy Father’s Day, from all of us here at AOR!  Culturally, we sometimes underestimate the importance of good fathers in our society.  On TV, Dad is usually the weak one getting walked-over or capitulating on his principles for a laugh at his expense, or unfortunately, the one showing up on the weekends or holidays.  My father is strong and principled, so the popular media view of Dads didn’t square well with my reality.  He worked hard to help raise and support four kids (me being the third) at a job I knew, even at a young age, he didn’t like.  He’d come home all tired, with swollen hands and a dirty blue-collar uniform, but his family was more important than the inconvenience.  When he’d get home from work, he always gave my mom a kiss before coming up the stairs.  While I’m not personally a dad, my father imparted a strong family ethic that I hope to emulate with my own family one day.  That is a great lesson I learned from my father and though we should appreciate our parents everyday, a special kudos goes out to our Dads today!

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matt June 18, 2007 at 4:22 pm

Good post. After all the change our society has gone through it is still the family that is the bedrock.

You guys have an interesting blog here. I come check it out every now-and-then, but I just noticed that your from Rhode Island. I love seeing conservative New Englanders. It gave me a sense of pride to be a conservative in a liberal stat/area. I was forced to be more sharp and I know you probably feel the same. I’m in the DC area now but am from Southeastern Mass.


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