Better Late Than Never

by Mike on June 18, 2007

in Politics

President Bush has threatened to veto Democrat spending bills which exceed his own exorbitant budget proposals. Although the President should have exhibited this kind of fiscal restraint about six years ago, the veto threat is nevertheless welcome.

When Governor Bush ran for President in 2000, he warned that his opponent would increase government spending more than Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis combined. That was probably true, but it was still no excuse for President Bush to accept proposals which spent tax dollars at a pace that would have embarrassed Bill Clinton.

Admittedly some of those increases were on defense spending and that is completely justified, especially during war time. However, Bush’s spending spree has not been limited to defense. Despite a political climate which accepts reducing the role of government, Bush has expanded government and increased spending at a rate not seen since at least the late 1970s. He created a new entitlement program in the form of a prescription drug benefit, and signed spending bill after spending bill containing hundreds of pork projects.

So now he changes his tune by promising to actually demonstrate fiscal restraint rather than just talking about it. I’ll take it, but it is still too little too late. Conservatives sent a message in 2000 by electing a conservative to the Presidency. Its a shame that it took a Democrat Congress to actually deliver one.

Thankfully Republican voters seem to be scrutinizing the Presidential candidates much more closely this time.

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BillT June 19, 2007 at 11:26 am

Hard to spot a fiscal conservative in Washington these days. The Era of Huge Government appears to be entrenched.

“Admittedly some of those increases were on defense spending and that is completely justified, especially during war time.”

And an equal or greater number were on ludicrous wastes of capital. You’re right, though. Better late than never…


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