I’m Just a Poor Boy Nobody Loves Me

by Mike on July 2, 2007

in Election 2008,Politics

John McCain’s campaign isn’t doing very well in the fundraising department. During the second quarter, he only managed to raise $11.2 million and now has only $2 million cash on hand. Because of this anemic fundraising, McCain has now been forced to fire much of his campaign staff, or as his friends in the MSM are trying to spin it, “reorganize” his campaign.

Most of us have been well aware of McCain’s downward spiral for quite some time, but now that he is having trouble raising money despite his connections and name recognition, it is now crystal clear that McCain’s Presidential campaign is going nowhere. For this, he has no one to blame but himself. Ever since he was anointed as the media’s favorite Republican in 2000, McCain has transformed into a Smigel/Gollum figure who is never quite sure of whether he loves or hates the Republican Party’s political base.

Sometimes you can almost hear him explaining to himself that the base loves him when supports the war in Iraq or spending reductions. At other times you can almost hear him explaining to himself that the base hates him when as he throws Gollum-like temper tantrums when he pushes amnesty for illegal immigrants, Gang of 14, undermining the First Amendment, opposing the Bush tax cuts, and supporting Roe v. Wade in front of certain audiences.

It’s one thing to depart from one’s party base every now and then. People rarely agree 100 percent of the time. However, it is quite another to repeatedly do so over a period of seven years while simultaneously insulting them. McCain’s choices over the years make it difficult for many conservatives to even consider voting for him in the primary, let alone shelling out money for him. John McCain has been giving conservatives the finger for years and now wants their support in his quest for his precious. Trouble is, those conservatives are now returning the favor.

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Ryan July 3, 2007 at 12:15 pm

McCain has dug his own grave from the start on this issue. He’s trying to be a Teddy Roosevelt-like figure in the Republican Party, but he only ends up looking small for trying. As a conservative, I have been against John McCain’s bid since the start for many of the reasons cited in this post. It’s been a joy watching his ship slowly sink underneath the weight of his poor decision making for a Presidential run. Some even wonder if Bush pushed the immigration bill one more time to ruin McCain’s candidacy! I don’t think Bush’s team is savvy enough for that nowadays, as the consensus is that Dubya believes in the flawed bill, but the karma would be beautiful if it were true!


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