Tony Snow Knocks the Clintons

by Ryan on July 5, 2007

in Politics

I like this kind of stuff… you know, Conservatives actually responding to Lib criticism!  Tony Snow, upon hearing that John Conyers is going to have hearing to investigate the commuting of Libby’s sentence by the White House, replied that Conyers could just ”knock himself out” with that task and asked Conyers to look into January 20, 2001 (the day that BJ pardoned 140 people including a fugitive criminal Marc Rich and those Puerto Rican FALN terrorists) while he’s at it. 

This is just another example of how the Left is trying to criminalize politics.  It is Bush’s right as the chief executive to pardon whoever he wants.  You may not like it, but it is still Bush’s constitutional right and in this case it’s not even a full pardon!  BJ Clinton even called what Bush did consistent with the Bush team’s philosophy that “the law is a minor obstacle.”  His “wife”, She Who Must Not Be Named, linked this to Bush’s effort to “stifle dissent.” Classic projection.

Ha!  I love this kind of hypocrisy on the part of the Left.  Do they think we’re stupid?  Do they think those that pay attention do not have memories?  However, most of the time, the Right doesn’t fight back and lets these things slide playing that “new-tone” nonsense. 

Pic from Sydney Morning Herald.

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BillT July 5, 2007 at 2:27 pm

Short memories for self indulgence and long memories for trivial perceived injustices have long been a mainstay in American politics. The current batch of Democrats only serve to drive the trend to absurdity, which should be useful for the one person who seeks to do something really bad next time.


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