Corzine’s Carbon Attack Team

by Ryan on July 7, 2007

in Politics

New Jersey’s Premier, Comrade Governor Jon Corzine, has bought into Algore’s global warming panic and took the NJ Politburo along with him.  The “Global Warming Response Act” sets into motion the country’s toughest carbon emission standards.  Fine, that’s his prerogative.  But he had to lecture Washington along the way telling them to “wake up” and get on board with lofty goals such as his by 2020 and 2050.  NJ’s law is more enforceable than California’s strict laws, but I love this bit from the Reuters article: (I’ve added the italics)

New Jersey, which has a hub of oil refineries and chemical plants in its northern region, aims to fight emissions by promoting renewable energy like solar and wind power and by helping consumers to conserve power.

Public Service Enterprise Group, owner of New Jersey’s largest utility, said PSEG supports the law but that it would lead to higher power prices.

“I believe customers are willing to pay for the higher costs associated with the environmental benefits,” the company’s Chief Executive Ralph Izzo told Reuters at the ceremony where Corzine signed the bill.

The New Jersey Business and Industry Association opposes the law, saying it would raise fees and give sweeping powers to state agencies.

Big surprise–let’s run our cars and businesses on sunshine and sails, then charge everybody more without innovative solutions while letting the government regulate everything it can.  Typical Liberalism:  government is the solution, the people and business must be led like sheep since they don’t know what’s good for them, and basing hard economic and social policy on incomplete and contradictory scientific data. 

Not believing the myths about the dangers of global warming does not make one stupid, it just makes them open-minded and not gullible to the whims of self-interested scientists and insecure politicians.  Even if we doubled our carbon emissions planetwide by 2100, the Earth’s tempurature may only increase by 0.5C degrees, which is statistically and historically insignificant and within normal fluctuations.  Why does the sky always have to be falling for these people? I’m sure a market based solution with tax incentives over the same time period would get the same results faster, without the socialism restricting and harming business and the consumer.

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blacktygrrrr July 8, 2007 at 3:36 am

Brilliant! I have an advanced degree, and I am tired of being told that anyone who is not automatically convinced about global warming is either stupid or evil. In fact, that is how all conservatives are portrayed, so I am used to it. Just because the left believes everything it is told without questioning things does not make them right. It makes them sheep.

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Thank you.

eric aka

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